Nano CBD

We’ve taken the latest in nanotechnology to bring our customers a water-soluble CBD product that can absorbed by your body faster and used more efficiently. With PureJayde Nano CBD, you can get the same benefits of traditional CBD, with less.


What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the study and application of extremely small things.

What is Nano CBD?

Through the use of engineering and Nanotechnology, we’re able to make CBD particles and make them smaller, which changes how your body absorbs CBD.

What are the benefits of PureJayde’s Nano CBD? 

When traditional CBD is ingested some its nutrients are lost while being digested and metabolized by the stomach, intestines, and liver. CBD is a large particle and makes it difficult for your body to completely absorb. It also doesn’t dissolve in water, which further makes it difficult to be absorbed by the body.

With Nano CBD, we’ve reduced the size of the CBD particles, making it water soluble and easier for your body to use. Your body will absorb Nano CBD faster and more efficiently, meaning you will experience the therapeutic effects faster and use less productive in the process. It’s also more versatile since it dissolves in water.

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