We take special care in crafting our CBD Isolate droppers. At PureJayde, we create oil droppers made from isolate that has been extracted from high-quality USA-grown hemp. We keep our formula simple: CBD isolate and coconut oil for our natural flavors. Our flavored droppers are a flavor enhanced version of our natural CBD droppers that bring a pleasant sweetness to the party.  


Cannabidiol (CBD) Basics:

CBD is available in many different forms and have been reported to offer an array of benefits that can naturally elevate your mood, reduce stress, promote sleep and relaxation, and even reduce pain.

CBD is also valued as an alternative to THC because it is non-psychoactive, which means you will not get “high” from it. It is also completely legal to use.

PureJayde, our potent CBD topicals start from high-grade hemp grown in Colorado. From there, we infuse our pain creams, and other rubs, with additional beneficial ingredients such as high quality peppermint oil, camphor, beeswax, and other key ingredients that allow us to maximize what nature has to offer. PureJayde CBD topicals are the perfect go to CBD product.

Why PureJayde CBD Oil Droppers?

At PureJayde, we deliver the highest quality CBD Isolate oils on the market that range from 250mg of CBD up to 5,000mg of CBD. Our CBD oils are made of CBD isolate and MCT (coconut) oil, and contain no filters. For our flavored droppers, we enhance our Natural CBD droppers with a bit of flavor.

Unless otherwise noted, PureJayde uses CBD Isolate which allows for the maximum amount of CBD without any THC. This is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of hemp but are either sensitive to the effects of THC, live an area where THC is illegal, or are worried about drug tests.

What is CBD isolate? 

To get CBD, you must extract it from hemp. This can be done in a number ways, and produce varying quality oil. We take this process a step further by purifying the hemp extract, and freeing the CBD of any other compounds, including THC. What we’re left with is pure CBD. Although this process is labor intensive, it allows us at PureJayde to consistently deliver high-quality CBD products to our customers.

What is MCT oil? 

In its regular form, CBD particles need a fatty, oil substance for your body to use it (see our nano line for water soluble CBD options). We’ve chosen MCT oil, a purified form of coconut oil, because it is easy to digest and helps with the bioavailability of CBD.

Does CBD show up on a drug test?

As stated above, one of the benefits of buying from PureJayde, is that we use CBD Isolate in our products. CBD isolate is THC-free, 100% natural, non-psychoactive, and completely legal. You can enjoy our products without ever having to worry about failing a drug test. We also have each batch of our products tested by independent labs to be sure that we deliver pure isolate every time. 

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